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Wilbur With Adam Jones: Something Already In Motion For Love-To-Celtics

BOSTON (CBS) - Imagine if one of our own was in a new city frolicking around town with their agent, meeting with players on a new team and having a grand ole time, we'd be pretty upset here in Boston.

Kevin Love is a smart guy, so he wasn't just visiting Boston to soak in the sights, according to Eric Wilbur.

Wilbur joined 98.5 The Sports Hub's The Adam Jones Show Monday night to discuss Kevin Love's weekend in Boston and what it means for the star power forward in terms of getting traded to Boston.

Wilbur believes a deal could already be in place.

"Obviously I think something is in motion here based on the way that everything was so out there in the open. I just found it funny that Kevin Love didn't exactly hide where he was going to be at any moment's notice this entire weekend. He was all over Twitter. He was at the Cask N' Flagon, the Back Bay. He was in this store, that store -- someone said he went to Not Your Average Joe's on Saturday.

"It's like everywhere you looked there was Kevin Love in town. From a Celtics perspective you gotta keep quiet on that. But from a Boston fan perspective you gotta love it. It was like the whole city was tampering with him.

Boston has never been a top free agent destination or a desirable location for NBA players to go to because of the cold weather during the season and supposed "lack of marketability" -- so C's fans were lucky it was so nice out.

"It was pretty much a picture perfect weekend in Boston -- you're not going to get much better than that weather-wise -- and the way people welcomed Kevin Love into town kind of knowing what the deal was, it was an entertaining, humorous and hopeful weekend if you're a sports fan in the city," said Wilbur.

Jones then shifted gears and focused on the role of team president Danny Ainge and how far he should go to get Love. Wilbur wouldn't trade for Love unless speaking with him first and getting some assurance of signing a long term contract, but taking into consideration what happened this weekend, Wilbur believes a discussion has already been had.

"You want to be able to have the luxury to talk to Love. I think what we saw this weekend, maybe that's already in motion. Maybe there is somewhat of an agreement in place," said Wilbur. "Hopefully he went away happy and the Celtics can move along with this thing."

 Listen below for the full discussion:

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