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The Adam Jones Show: Celtics Moving On From Jeff Green?

BOSTON (CBS) - Right now the Boston Celtics have a gluttony of guards and perimeter swingmen, so it doesn't make basketball sense to keep everyone that's currently on the roster.

Jeff Green could be one of those roster casualties.

Scott Souza of MetroWest Daily News joined 98.5 The Sports Hub's The Adam Jones Show Tuesday night, and he believes Jeff Green won't be wearing green to start the 2014-15 season.

"Jeff Green was one of those guys that I felt coming out of the season probably wouldn't be here next year, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that this was really his shot to really shine and prove he could be the leader on a decent team -- or at least a really go-to-guy -- and he never really proved that.

"He had some big games, but if you went back at his scoring list, all of those big 35, 40 point games were almost always followed by a 9-point game, a 2-for-12 shooting game, a 2-for-13 game -- most of those games happened on the road. He really wasn't a guy who was able to seize the mantel that he wanted. He said going into last season he always wanted to be 'that guy' on a team. Last year he had his chance and wasn't able to make a lot out of it. Statistically he had a career year across the board, yet everybody viewed it as a disappointing season.

"He's not a guy that you can build around. He's more of a complementary player, and at this point with this team that may be more attractive to somebody else than it would be for the Celtics. As far as being the no. 2 or no. 3 guy on a rebuilding team, he just doesn't really seem to fit. So I think he'd be the logical guy [to move]."

 Listen below for the full discussion, including Evan Turner and much more:

Scott Souza of MetroWest Daily News


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