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Thanksgiving Day In New England Will Feel Like Zero To -10 Degrees

BOSTON (CBS) – Looking for an ice-breaker at the dinner table this Thanksgiving? Try this one. This Thanksgiving we are enduring something that nobody else at the dinner table has ever experienced - not even grandma and grandpa.

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We started the day with some a broken record. Worcester hit a low of 8 degrees before sunrise, beating the old record of 11.

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We are currently forecasting near record cold temperatures on Thursday. The last time is was this cold on Thanksgiving?

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Try 1901 and 1873! If that doesn't shift conversation off of politics and on to lighter topics, I don't know what will.

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The cold air headed our way would be considered harsh even in the depths of winter. It literally has its origins in Siberia! Thanks to something called "cross-polar flow," Thursday's frigid air had roots in Siberia, traveled up and over the North Pole, down through Canada and right into your back yard!

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So how cold will it be exactly?

Thursday very well may be the coldest November day ever recorded in Worcester. Not just the coldest Thanksgiving or the coldest November 22nd - the coldest day EVER in November!

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And in Boston, this Thanksgiving will be the coldest November day in at least the last 80 years.

Oddly enough, the high temperature for the day occurred at midnight. We hit a high of 24 in Boston and 15 in Worcester at midnight. Take 3-5 degrees off those temperatures and you get our afternoon highs, despite nearly full sunshine.

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Couple temperatures in the teens and single digits with wind gusts 30-40 mph and forget it. It will feel like 0 to -10 for a good portion of the area Thursday.

While sunshine is in the forecast for many Thursday, don't be surprised if the outer Cape sees a few ocean effect clouds, and even snow showers.

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The relatively warm ocean warm is ripe to cause some snow squalls to develop in the afternoon.

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More records could fall Thursday night as temperatures dip into the single digits for many north and west of Boston. With a forecast low of 12 degrees, Boston will be slightly warmer than the current record of 9 degrees, but other spots in southern New England will likely set some new records.

What's Next?

Black Friday will be more of an icy blue this year. If you are one of those who enjoy the 5 a.m. "doorbuster," you will be heading out in single digit temperatures Friday morning.

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The majority of the area will remain below freezing all day Friday, although not quite as cold as Thursday. Highs will top out in the upper 20's and low 30's.

Good News-Bad News Weekend

While temperatures will be downright balmy (highs in the upper 40's), another soaking rainstorm is on the way. First drops may arrive as early as late

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Saturday, followed by heavy rain overnight into Sunday morning. Rain tapers by Sunday afternoon.

Yet Another Storm

The wet/active pattern continues next week with what could be another soaker Monday night and early Tuesday. We have to watch this one. You can't rule out some mixed precipitation/snowy shenanigans.

Happy Thanksgiving from the WBZ Weather Team. Stay warm!

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