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Field Hockey Team Rallies Around Player Living Her Dream

TEWKSBURY (CBS) - It's a story that plays out on an athletic field, but it's about so much more than sports.

Rae Sutherland is living her dream playing field hockey for Tewksbury High despite dealing with cerebral palsy.

Her mom says teammates have embraced her. "It's heartwarming that they take a kid that is not capable of being independent but they make her feel independent they make her feel like she's wanted," said Nancy Sutherland. "She's unique but yet a part of something."

Rae Sutherland
Rae Sutherland celebrates with teammates after scoring a goal (WBZ-TV)

Playing this game is a joy for Rae, but it's also a gift for her teammates and coaches like Jordan Russell. "She's come to all of our games since she was really little and I think it's great for our girls because I explain to our girls all the time, Rae is their friend they don't see her as different," Russell said.

But this day became even more special when Rae's big sister Hayley visited from Worcester State University bringing her own field hockey teammates along.

She arrived just in time to see Rae score a goal.

"It means so much to me that they accept her the way she is and I can't thank anybody enough for this," she said. "It means so much that my team's here, my old team's here I can't get over it. It's overwhelming. I love her so much so I was really happy to be here."

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