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WATCH: Teen Takes Seagull To The Face On High-Flying Amusement Park Ride

WILDWOOD, N.J. (CBS) -- Some young thrill-seekers got a little more than they bargained for while enjoying some time at the Jersey Shore. A pair of teens took a ride on the Springshot on Morey's Adventure Pier in Wildwood and they weren't alone.

Shortly after the ride began, a seagull crashes into Kiley Holman's face, before becoming wedged between her and the guardrail.

Holman can be seen peeling the seagull off of her face in complete shock.

She took the ride along with her friend Georgia, who was celebrating her 14th birthday on the boardwalk recently.

Mom says Kiley was fine and so was the seagull -- they saw it fly away after the wild ride!

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