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Teenagers may be consuming too much caffeine everyday, study says

Are teenagers having too much caffeine everyday?
Are teenagers having too much caffeine everyday? 01:21

BOSTON - Parents may need to "perk up" when it comes to monitoring their teens' caffeine intake.

A team at the University of Michigan surveyed parents of children ages 13 to 18 and found that 1 in 4 says their teen consumes caffeine every day or nearly every day. Two-thirds think they know whether their teen is consuming too much caffeine, but a third of parents do not know the recommended limit.

The American Academy of Pediatrics discourages caffeine use at all, while other experts suggest a limit of 100 mg of caffeine a day for teens, equivalent to an 8-ounce cup of coffee.  

Too much caffeine in kids can affect their mood, sleep, and school performance, can cause headaches, stomachaches, and heart palpitations, and can lead to dependency over time.  

If you think your child is overdoing it, suggest non-caffeinated options both inside and outside the home, set a good example by cutting back on your own caffeine intake, and enlist the help of your child's pediatrician.

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