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'She Really Genuinely Cares': Hanover Teen Among Fans Invited To Taylor Swift's House

HANOVER (CBS) – A Hanover girl and her mother were invited to Taylor Swift's house in Nashville for a private listening party.

"I just couldn't believe that like she knew my name," Caroline Jackson said. "She called a couple of my other friends out by name as well, so that was cool."

For Caroline it was the surprise of a lifetime.

"We got there, and we were just around her pool and it was beautiful," Caroline said.

The 16-year-old superfan, who believes she got Swift's attention holding up a photo of her lyrics at the Women's March, jumped at the opportunity.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift and Caroline Jackson of Hanover (Image credit Caroline Jackson)

"She invites about 50, 60 fans to her house and plays you the entire album before it comes out and she meets everybody individually," Caroline said.

She said their private, one-on-one conversation was like a talk between friends.

"When I went to go meet her I walked in the room and she was like 'oh you're Caroline right?' and I was like 'yes!'" she recalled.

She says that experience with her idol reinforced what makes Taylor Swift special.

"She really wants to hear about you, wants to hear why you're there and like why you're excited, just she really genuinely cares," Caroline said.

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