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Truck Comes To Rest On Top Of Sedan After Crashing Into Taunton Car Wash

TAUNTON (CBS) – A pickup truck careened into a Taunton car wash Sunday afternoon, coming to a stop on another car's roof and pinning a teenager inside.

It happened at Prestige Car Wash on Route 44 around 2 p.m.

"If you don't believe in miracles or angels, believe it now," said Prestige's manager Nicole Teles.

A truck that crashed onto a car in Taunton. (Image Credit: Taunton Fire Department)

Surveillance video shows the 2019 GMC Sierra speeding through the parking lot in reverse, eventually crashing into a self-service bay and stopping on top of a car. The crash left a Middleboro teenage woman pinned in the back seat of a 2013 Ford Focus.

Taunton Car Wash
A car was heavily damaged after a pick up truck crashed at a Taunton car wash, landing on top of it. (Image Credit: Scott Souza/Harry's Auto Wrecking)

A Middleboro man was outside the car manually washing it at the time of the crash but was able to get out of the way. The woman was sitting in the front seat, and when she saw the truck coming, she jumped into the back seat. Both were hospitalized, but neither was seriously injured.

"Considering the significant damage to the vehicles involved it is remarkable that no one was seriously injured in this incident," Police Chief Edward Walsh said. "We are grateful that everyone is OK."

Firefighters used special tools to safely free the woman from the pinned car. The driver of the pickup truck had been putting his floor mats back in after a vacuum. It became stuck above the accelerator.

"You've also got to make sure they're in place right and clipped. Not moving. Sometimes you have to check underneath and make sure you don't have any rubbish or anything like that gets caught up in the pedals. It's just so important," Teles said.

The car wash is remaining open, but the affected bay is closed.

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