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Cambridge Man From Syria Has Mixed Emotions Following Missile Attacks

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – Mohammed Al-Bardan was glued to the television Thursday night, watching news that the United States had launched missile attacks in Syria.

Al-Bardan's mother, siblings, nieces and nephews all live in Damascus, the capital of Syria.

CBS News: President Trump Orders Missile Strikes On Syria

The Cambridge resident said he worries for his family's safety and is torn by news of military action in his native country.

But ultimately, he feels it is entirely necessary to teach the Assad regime a lesson.

"I'm concerned about family friends and beloved ones that are still there," said Al-Bardan. "At the same time, Assad has to be punished for what he has done. You can't just look at what he has been doing for the last six years and do nothing."

Al-Bardan's family lives in a different area of Syria than the part of the country hit by a recent chemical attack.

"The pictures of the kids that were gassed really hit them a lot and they feel the guilt feeling just a hundred times," he said.

Al-Bardan says the country wants a regime change and is open to U.S. help.

"They are just looking for peace and safety and all of that," said Al-Bardan.

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