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Swimming Pool Business Booms As Families Look For Summer Fun At Home

BOSTON (CBS) -- Pool businesses say they're flooded with calls from people who want to put a swimming pool in their backyard this summer. It's an alternative to a potentially crowded beach.

"A lot of people hurting out there, we just happen to be in a sweet spot," said Dave Hobaica, of Easton Pool and Spa.

Even before the pandemic, Easton Pool and Spa was having a big year. Then, everyone started staying home, and business exploded.

"Kids camps have been canceled, vacations have been canceled. They're realizing they may be stuck at home for a while or this could come back next year," Hobaica said.

Plant nurseries are also doing big business, with people stuck at home imagining landscaping projects. Kennedy Country Gardens in Scituate is practically selling all their stock, and new customers are often interested in growing vegetable.

"Two months ago, we weren't sure we'd be in business for our sixtieth year. Two months later, we're having a great business season," said Chris Kennedy, of Kennedy Country Gardens.

South Shore Gunite claims to be the largest pool builder in New England. Their residential business has jumped, but it hasn't made up for the huge loss of commercial building.

"My commercial is down 53%. And the reason commercial is down -- we've just had five jobs just pull the plug on us," said Bob Guarino, of South Shore Gunite.


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