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Survey Ranks Boston The Least Friendly City In America

BOSTON (CBS) - Is Boston the meanest city in the U.S.?

Two University of Michigan psychologists created a number categories to measure niceness and did a national survey. Out of 50 major cities, Boston came in dead last in being friendly and nice.

People around Boston do not think of themselves as being mean. Far from it:

"I don't think we're the meanest city. I think we're the best city," said one man, who theorized that the rest of America is jealous.

Perhaps that's true. The survey was answered by people around the country who may or may not have been jealous of Boston.

Locals admit, though, that we are a unique city.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Mark Katic reports.


"Like wine and cheese, we get better with age," said another man.


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