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Surfers Take On Rough Waves At Nantasket Beach

HULL (CBS) -- The surf was up at Nantasket Beach in Hull Sunday. The heavy seas and rough surf produced warnings for swimmers, but also gave a group of surfers just what they were after.

Surfer Andrew Sechen was taking a break, but getting ready to go back in the water. He reported good-sized waves. "They're huge! Like six-foot waves, all the way out there, and they're so fun. They're the biggest I've seen in a while," he said.

The turbulent seas were courtesy of former tropical storm Kyle, which still packed a punch even though it was far away. Authorities advised swimmers to be aware of potentially hazardous conditions.

As the ocean surged, some like Bill Luise, were content to watch the surfers from shore. "I give them a lot of credit. Gotta be fun though. A lot of danger, a lot of rip tides. You don't know what's going happen. They're out there watching each other hopefully."

Surfers like Kelvin Veno say the secret is respecting the conditions. "I mean that's always a concern whenever you're going surfing. It depends on what beach you're at. Don't go too far out. A lot of the waves here are closer in."

A bit of caution is never a bad idea when conditions are like this, but one woman onshore was wishing she was joining those surfers. "It does look tempting. If I was younger, I would definitely be in there. I wish I could surf and be out there. It's great."

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