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Sunday-Monday Snow Storm Fizzling Out

BOSTON (CBS) - Okay, so earlier this week one of my colleagues at WBZ-TV called me "The Harbinger of Doom." A bit strong perhaps, but I get it.

It seems every time they see an email from the weather office, they begin to cringe with fear of more bad weather news. (Editor's Note: True story.)

Well, call me Mr. Sunshine, because if you are looking for a break from the snow I have some encouraging news.

The situation is becoming more clear for Sunday and Monday and it does NOT appear that we will have a major snow storm here in southern New England. The storm which brought significant rainfall to parts of the West Coast will break into pieces as it crosses over the Rockies, and the most significant piece appears as though it will stay well to our South.

We will get our snow from the first piece of the storm and this will arrive and depart a bit earlier than originally forecast.

Before the storm arrives, a cold front will slide through our area during the morning/afternoon on Sunday. This will likely be the focus for some scattered light snow flurries or snow showers. So, do not be surprised to see snow in the air at any time during the day on Sunday, but I would not expect much accumulation.

Expect the snow to become steadier and more widespread after dark Sunday from west to east. Between 5 p.m. and midnight, expect widespread light-to-moderate snowfall in southern New England, south of the MA/NH border.

Between midnight and 7 a.m., this steady snow area will slowly shift south and east, and become focused in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. This is where the highest snow totals will occur.

After 7 a.m. very little additional snow is expected. The focus will shift to wave number two, but that will remain well to our south, dropping snow in Atlantic City, Philly and Washington, D.C.

So, how much?
North of the Mass Pike, very light amounts... Anywhere from a coating to a few inches at most, very light and fluffy and all done shortly after midnight.

In the immediate Boston area a couple fluffy inches are possible.

Highest amounts will be south of the Pike, including all of southeastern Massachusetts. 3-6" would be the max in these areas, may be closer to 2-4". It will all be done by about 7 a.m. Monday.

So in short, no biggie; a drop in the bucket compared to what we have faced already this winter. There is still room for a little tweaking of snow totals and timing, but at this point I would not expect a major shift upwards in snow amounts, if anything perhaps the other way. Not something that the "Harbinger of Doom" has been able to say many times this winter!


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