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It Happens Here: Duxbury's Sun Tavern offering haunted hospitality

It Happens Here: Duxbury's Sun Tavern offering haunted hospitality
It Happens Here: Duxbury's Sun Tavern offering haunted hospitality 03:02

DUXBURY - Duxbury is home to the oldest maintained cemetery in the country. Notable Mayflower settlers like Myles Standish, John Alden and Priscilla Mullens are all buried here. But there's a different kind of gravesite in town where you can sit down and have a meal.  

"A couple of times tables have shifted, glasses have fallen over for no reason. Stuff like that. They're definitely playful," Gary James told WBZ TV.  

Inside the Sun Tavern in Duxbury, Massachusetts. CBS Boston

James is the owner and executive chef at the Sun Tavern, where dinner comes with a side of paranormal.  

"I believe in spirits, as do a lot of people and the people that come here want to experience that," he said.  

The 1741 farmhouse has a cozy atmosphere with its original beams and fireplace still intact. It is believed that spirits of original owners like Lysander Walker and two young sisters who died of scarlet fever are haunting the home. Walker, whose death certificate is on display by the hostess stand, is said to have once performed the Heimlich maneuver on a choking guest.  

"All of a sudden he lurched forward, and the food was dislodged. And he looked at the bartender and said, 'thank you so much' and the bartender said, 'I didn't do anything.' He said, 'Well, somebody slapped me on the back,'" James said..  

Even Duxbury Police have responded to unexplainable 911 calls coming from the restaurant overnight.  

"The police showed up and checked everything out and there was nothing going on. As they were leaving, they heard all these pots and pans clanging. They came back in and checked it out again and there was nothing here. One of the officers, he's retired now, but he still lives in town and he'll come in every so often and somebody mentions that story, he'll comment, 'True story," James told WBZ.  

James said business spikes in October, but for South Shore locals it's a familiar spot to enjoy a hearty New England meal any season. 

"People love coming here during a storm. There could be a forecast of six inches of snow coming. Most people are getting the bread and the milk and a lot of people, they come here," said James.  

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