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Summer Weather Has Arrived But Boston Schools Still In Session

BOSTON (CBS) -- The lights are off at the Elliot School in the North End but it's not summer yet.

Principal Tracy Walker Griffith says teachers are focusing on two things -- keeping kids focused and cool.

The kids have other things on their mind,though.

"I like playing in the pool and having fun," one student said.

Boston students have just a few more days until freedom.

For kids, those last days before summer always feel a little like torture but when temperatures soar into the 90's, it's down right miserable without air conditioning.

"We've opened all the windows, we have fans in the classroom," Griffith said. "However, it's a brick 1913 building. It gets hot and stays hot."

In the meantime, all the kids have water and the fans are blowing.

A hot summer day was the last thing students were probably thinking about back in February when the city was covered in snow but now those days are to blame for the extended week of school.

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