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Summer Starts With Chance Of Record-Breaking Heat

BOSTON (CBS) -- If this is any indication of what the summer of 2013 is going to be like, then look out!

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Summer officially started last Friday and just two days later our first heatwave began.

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Highs reached 91 degrees in Boston on Sunday, the first of what is likely to be a 5-day heatwave in the city. The last time Boston hit 90 degrees for 5 days in a row was August 29 through September 2 in 2010.

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I am sure you have all heard or spoken the phrase "it's not the heat, it's the humidity," well this time we have both.

Our dewpoint temperatures will remain between 65-70 for the entire stretch, just about as high as they get here in New England, making the air feel very soupy and bringing heat index values near 100 degrees.

Here are the record high temperatures alongside our forecast highs for the next 4 days:

Monday: Forecast 95…Record 95, 1976

Tuesday: Forecast 95…Record 97, 1943

Wednesday: Forecast 92…Record 100, 1952

Thursday: Forecast 90…Record 96, 1941

So you can see that our best chance of getting in the record books would be either today or tomorrow.

Record or not, it is gonna be darn right hot.

If you work outdoors or plan on bringing the kids to an outdoor camp, you should be sure to drink plenty of fluids and stay in the shade as much as possible.

If you plan to head to the beach to escape the heat, winds will be west-southwest all week-long meaning no immediate relief other than south-facing beaches or in the chilly ocean water.

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