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Sullivan's Castle Island getting ready to open: "The hot dogs have arrived!"

Sullivan's Castle Island set to open for season
Sullivan's Castle Island set to open for season 00:20

BOSTON - It's not spring in Boston until you can have a hot dog on Castle Island. Luckily, Sullivan's is ready to open for the season on Saturday.

"The hot dogs have arrived!" the landmark concession stand in South Boston posted to Facebook, along with a video of workers unloading a truck full of franks. "See you all on March 2nd."

The forecast on Saturday in Boston calls for temperatures in the high 40s and possibly rain shows, but historically customers have always turned out for opening day at Sullivan's no matter the weather. 

Sullivan's first opened on Castle Island in 1951. For those who wants a Sullivan's hot dog year round, there are also locations in the "Hub Hall" in the North End and at Hanover Crossing. 

Besides hot dogs, Sullivan's also serves up burgers, lobster rolls, fried fish and clam chowder.  

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