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VIDEO: Corrections Officer Attacked By Multiple People As He Arrived To Work In Boston

BOSTON (CBS) - Alarming video shows the moments a corrections officer was attacked on his drive to work at the Suffolk County House of Corrections. The officer, a four year veteran, is seen slowly making his way down crowded Atkinson Street when a man suddenly punches him through an open window.

The officer gets out and he's jumped, police say hit repeatedly with a metal pipe and even dragged to a dumpster where the blows continue behind a fence. The head of his union, Local 419, says it's not the first time an officer has been targeted. "Our local is outraged that the mecca of crime within the city of Boston has been brought to our front door with disregard for anyone's safety," said Jonathan Corey.

It's a stretch that is notoriously known as "methadone mile", frequented by people with substance abuse issues. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh says he's increased public safety in the area, but many who work nearby say more needs to be done.

"We've seen the fights among themselves but this is the first time I've seen an officer attacked," said Joe Chevalier, who works nearby. "If they can attack an officer they can come for someone on my staff or me."

Boston Police confirm one arrest, 45-year-old Torre Jenkins who already has several outstanding warrants for drug offenses. He'll be arraigned Friday on charges of breaking and entering a motor vehicle and attempted larceny of a motor vehicle. Police say they are still investigating who else may have been involved.

Hours later there was a second incident as the Suffolk County Sheriff's office says an emotionally disturbed man lunged at three other officers outside the House of Correction attempting to strike one before he was subdued.

The union is placing blame on a lack of attention from the city. "This area is a haven for crime without recourse based on neglect from the city," said Corey.

The injured officer's father tells WBZ-TV he's been released from the hospital and is at home recovering but is "pretty beaten up".

On Thursday night, Boston Police arrested 15 people in the area during "Operation Clean-Sweep".

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