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Massachusetts town reports more than 20 car breaks-in one weekend

Massachusetts town victim of 20 car break-ins over weekend
Massachusetts town victim of 20 car break-ins over weekend 02:20

SUDBURY - A quiet Massachusetts community is on alert after more than 20 cars were broken into over the weekend, according to police.

Investigators said the break-ins were reported in the Pine Lakes neighborhood off Hudson Road in Sudbury sometime in the early morning hours of February 18.

Katie Henley's car was one of about 24 cars that were broken into.  

Surveillance video from her home shows a hooded person rummaging through her car around 4:30 a.m. Sunday morning.

Photo from surveillance video shows a hooded person breaking into a woman's car.

"It's scary and concerning," said Henley. "They went across the street and went into three different cars, came back then went into my car."

Only, Henley didn't know what was going on until police showed up to her house.

They told her someone broke into her car and left the door ajar. Police said the same thing had happened to the other 20 plus cars.

"They said there had been break-ins to a lot of cars in the neighborhood and they noticed that my car door was ajar," said Henley.

Henley said that the strange thing is that nothing valuable was taken. Detectives are still trying to figure out what the suspect took.

Families say the neighborhood is the type that usually has their guard down, but now it's up.

"It's actually really surprising and kind of alarming and kind of sad because you don't think of your neighborhood as being a neighborhood where stuff like this happens," said neighbor Gina Hatcher.

Investigators say every single car that was broken into had been unlocked, making it a crime of opportunity.

It's a lesson learned for victims and neighbors.

"Lock your valuables, don't leave your stuff in the car, and don't assume," said Hatcher. "You know people leave their doors unlocked here and don't do that."

"I will always lock my car now," said Henley.

The community will stay alert until the mystery is solved about who broke into their cars and why.

"Total mystery, so we need help solving it," said Henley.

Right now, police say they are looking at more surveillance video and hoping to identify the suspect.

If there's any more video out there call police at (978) 443-1042.

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