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Student Arrested After Saugus High School Tradition Turns Violent

SAUGUS (CBS) - Saugus High School seniors say what started off as a fun end of the year tradition got out of control quickly. "Absolute chaos. Like something you would see in movie," Senior Joey Aversa said.

It's an annual tradition for the Saugus senior class to camp out in front of the school in tents. It also a tradition for the junior class to play a little joke on them. This year the prank got out of control when the juniors climbed on top of the roof and began throwing water balloons and eggs at the seniors. Some of the seniors retaliated by throwing rocks or whatever they could find.

"When you see the windows of cars being smashed and rocks flying everywhere it was just crazy," Aversa said.

Moments later police arrived on scene. One student was arrested for malicious destruction of a motor vehicle.

Another student was injured when she was accidentally hit by a police cruiser. "I blacked out. I don't remember being hit. I just remember rolling on top of the roof and then onto the ground hurting my back and chin," senior Janine Bourque said.

School committee member Arthur Grabowski says he was unaware of this tradition. "The people of the town are disturbed. This should never have happened. There should've been supervision. We take these matters seriously," Grabowski said.

The School Committee plans to bring the matter up next week with the superintendent at their next meeting.

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