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Street Signs Disappearing In Northboro

NORTHBORO (CBS) - Getting around Northboro is not easy these days. Dozens of street signs have disappeared.

It's a problem that's just getting worse.

The head of the Department of Public Works told WBZ at least 100 signs are gone.

WBZ-TV's Kate Merrill reports

They are the green older ones that are vanishing and it will be a costly project to replace.

Each sign costs $125 dollars each, and that means a cost of over $15,000 for the town.

The federal government says the town must replace them with larger, brighter, red signs.

The new signs are already up in some places, but they're needed in many more. WBZ-TV stumbled upon many busy roads without signs to tell you which road you're on.

Residents say the problem is not only bizarre, but a real safety issue.

"Absolutely a nuisance," said Northboro resident Andrew Delcid. "Because really, we shouldn't be staring at our GPS' anyway when we're driving."

"There's a lot missing around the area and it's frustrating when you're trying to give somebody directions and they can't find the street signs that you're telling them to find," said resident Chuck Silverman.

Residents said the problem hasn't affected emergency services, fortunately, as they know their way around town.

New signs aren't expected to arrive until the end of the summer and will take weeks to replace, officials said.

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