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Stranded Great White Shark Dies On Wellfleet Beach

WELLFLEET (CBS) – A great white shark that stranded itself on a Wellfleet beach Sunday died despite the rescue efforts of beach-goers.

Wellfleet Police Sgt. Mike Turner said it appeared the shark, which was about 10-12 feet long, was already sick or injured when it made its way onto the White Crest Beach.

The shark had red coloring on its belly.

Wellfleet Shark
The shark appeared to be sick when it beached itself. (Image Credit: Jack Cohen Photography)

A large crowd gathered, pouring buckets of water on the shark in hopes of keeping it alive.

Representatives from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy also responded to the beach.

Wellfleet Shark
A crowd gathers near a beached shark. (Image Credit: Jack Cohen Photography)

Turner said the shark was not moving very much, though it occasionally thrashed in an unsuccessful effort to get back in the water.

"I've responded to numerous shark sightings, but never a shark that has washed on shore like this," Turner said. "It was certainly something different."

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