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Here's What Massachusetts Is Getting In The Stimulus Bill

BOSTON (CBS) -- President Joe Biden signed a $1.9 trillion COVID relief package into law on Thursday. In addition to $1,400 stimulus checks for residents making under $75,000, the American Rescue Plan will also send billions of dollars in aid to Massachusetts.

The State House News Service reports that according to Senate Democratic leadership projections, big money is headed to Mass. for state and local government aid, as well as transportation and education funding.

It breaks down to $8.1 billion in direct government aid, including $4.513 billion for the state and $3.415 for local governments, plus $174 million for capital project funding.

Both Massachusetts schools and the transportation system will also get a boost from the bill, which allocates an estimated $1.039 billion in transit assistance and $2.68 billion in education aid to the state.

More than $7.3 billion in stimulus checks will go to 3.1 million families in Massachusetts, the News Service reported. The White House says Americans could start to see stimulus checks being direct deposited this weekend.

Rep. Lori Trahan of Lowell said Wednesday that the bill "will get much needed help to Massachusetts families!"

Federal unemployment insurance payments of $300 will be extended into September, helping those who have lost their jobs in Massachusetts during the pandemic. And parents could soon receive a child tax credit of up to $3,600 per kid.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker has said that the federal funding is "critical" and money in the stimulus bill for vaccination distribution and testing "will also make a big difference," according to the News Service.

Already during the pandemic, Massachusetts has received over $61 billion in aid from the federal government, the Peter G. Peterson foundation reports.



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