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Alleged Victim's Brother On Bulger's Death: 'Is It A Trick Or Treat?'

BOSTON (CBS) – When the body of Debra Davis was found in a shallow mob graveyard in Quincy, Whitey Bulger was accused of killing her, but never convicted.

Davis's family fought to see Bulger put in prison and say his death is the final chapter in a long, painful story.

Because Bulger was killed the day before Halloween, Steve Davis, Debra's brother asked, "Is it a trick or a treat?"

Debra Davis
Debra Davis (WBZ-TV)

"I want to know which one it is," Davis said. "Is it a treat for all of us, or is it all a trick."

Davis could hardly contain his joy Tuesday. The man who allegedly killed his sister was dead.

"It's a final chapter to victims that he hurt, the victim's families," Davis said.

In 1981, Debra Davis was Steve Flemmi's girlfriend and Flemmi was partners in crime with Whitey Bulger.

But when she learned too much about their business, it is widely thought that Bulger strangled Debra Davis to death.

Steve Davis
Steve Davis (WBZ-TV)

Flemmi buried his girlfriend in a shallow grave alongside the Neponset River and her remains were found in 2000.

Whitey Bulger was convicted of many crimes but not the death of Debbie Davis. Still Steve Davis knows who did it and didn't want Whitey dying of old age in prison.

"You know you get three squares, and a bunk you know what I mean," Davis said.

Steve Davis still thinks about his sister a lot and wonders now if there's some way she's aware of Bulger's death.

"I hope in my heart that she can feel it, I know she can't see it, but I hope she can feel it," Davis said.

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