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Steps to take if you win big in Mega Millions

Steps to take if you win big in Mega Millions
Steps to take if you win big in Mega Millions 01:38

CANTON -- The stores are closed, the winning numbers are drawn, and people all across the country are heading to bed hoping for a dream come true in the morning.

"Why not? You can't win the race unless you're in the race," a customer said. 

At Cassie's Corner Store in Canton,  jackpots this gigantic bring in double or triple their typical amount of customers. 

"I love it when it's busy! It's fun," said owner Christine Woodard, happily.

So in the highly unlikely chance you win - what next? Experts say take a break. Lay low and stay off social media. 

Then, find your help. A trusted attorney and financial advisor, to start. 

"You don't want to sign the ticket because you might be signing it as a trust so you need to call that lawyer right away," said Misty Lynch of Sound View Financial in Walpole and the 'Demystifying Money' podcast. 

And as for how to receive the money, Misty recommends the lump sum for most - about $400 million in Massachusetts, after taxes. 

"If you invested that conservatively, you'd really only need to earn 3, 4, 5 percent return to actually outperform that annuity and have control of that money right away," she pointed out.  

Enormous decisions these customers would just love to have to deal with. 

"All I have to do is win right?" a shopper said, laughing. 

Where allowed, financial advisors do suggest winners remain anonymous to protect themselves from scams. 

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