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Steelers' Harrison, Clark Taunt Patriots Via Twitter

BOSTON (CBS) - The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, and the excitement of lobbing some verbal bombs at a hated opponent as you sit on your couch -- that's what Steelers players James Harrison and Ryan Clark got to experience on Sunday night.

The Steelers may have lost to the Denver Broncos in the opening round of the playoffs, but they've clearly gotten over that and have moved on to rooting against the Patriots.

After New England lost Super Bowl XLVI to the Giants, Harrison was quick to tell the world how happy he was to see it.

"Told you, cheaters never win!!!!!!!!!" Harrison tweeted, complete with nine exclamation points.

The linebacker all but admitted he made the comment in order to get a rise out of people, later expressing disappointment that he didn't become a trending topic with his comment.

"Wow! I didn't even trend with that, come on people love or hate me more!" Harrison tweeted.

Clark also joined in on the Patriots-bashing fun.

The safety was also challenged by a fan who said, "Big talk from a defense that lost to Tim Tebow."

"Not to Brady though," Clark responded.

Harrison was a member of the 2004 Steelers team that went 15-1 during the regular season but got blown out by the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game. Clark, meanwhile, has never faced the Patriots in a playoff game.

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