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Homeless Woman Grateful After Trooper's Act Of Compassion

FALL RIVER (CBS) — The Massachusetts State Police is commending one of their own for putting forth a kind gesture when he thought no one was watching.

Trooper Luke Bonin had just left court when he drove by a homeless mother of four, Lynn Murphy, who was panhandling on Davol Street in Fall River. Minutes later Bonin drove back to Murphy, pulled over, and got out of his car.

Murphy, fearing she would be cited for panhandling, told the trooper she would leave. Instead, he pulled out two meals and told her to pick one.

"I thought he was just going to hand me the meal but when he said, 'Come around the back, it's such a beautiful day, we'll have a picnic,' I thought that was, it touched my heart," Murphy said.

As the two were enjoying their meal and chatting, Jake Morse drove by and took a picture of the scene, posting it to a Facebook group in Fall River with the caption, "And they say chivalry is dead… Much respect."

State Trooper Luke Bonin Lynn Murphy
The photo of Trooper Luke Bonin sharing lunch with panhandler Lynn Murphy. (Photo credit: Massachusetts State Police)

"He just stopped, could have given her a hard time, and didn't. And, we need that," Morse said.

Troopers tracked down Morse and were able to identify Bronin. They then reposted the photo which has since received more than 70 thousand likes.

"We know you didn't want to be noticed, but you were, and the job is proud of you," Massachusetts State Police wrote in a Facebook post. "We commend you for your selfless act, and for "doing the right thing" for someone less fortunate than most people."

Lynn Murphy
Lynn Murphy, the woman helped by Trooper Luke Bonin. (WBZ-TV)

Murphy told WBZ-TV the encounter made her feel significant.

"He didn't know me from Adam. I'm a homeless panhandler. And he took the time out of his day, went and bought us lunch, and had it with me," she said.

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