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State Police To Look Into Claim Of Concrete Fall In Pru Tunnel

BOSTON (CBS) - State police say they are now looking into an accident inside a Big Dig tunnel after a driver complained nothing was being done about his accident.

Karl Fetielberg's sun-roof was smashed by something in the tunnel, and he is convinced something fell from the Big Dig ceiling.

Fetielberg's sun roof shattered on Monday when he was driving eastbound on the Mass. Pike under the Prudential Center. He said he heard a loud bang, pulled over, and found the sunroof shattered.

WBZ-TV's Jonathan Elias reports.

He told WBZ-TV his call to 911 was not taken seriously.

State police said they take all complaints seriously, and they have a team dedicated to investigate concerns in the Big Dig tunnels.

"The State Police today began an internal investigation into the handling of that call by department personnel. Specifically, State Police are reviewing whether departmental policies and procedures, as well as protocols for communicating such information to the Department of Transportation, were followed," said David Procopio, a spokesperson for the Mass. State Police.

A lieutenant has now been assigned to this specific case.

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