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Classmates Celebrate 75th High School Reunion

FITCHBURG (CBS) - There was a one of a kind high school reunion of students who graduated during World War II on Wednesday.

It's the 75th reunion for the class of 1943 at St. Bernard's Catholic High School in Fitchburg. Even though they're moving a little slowly these days, the remaining class members still have a lot of school spirit.

They're in their early 90's now, but they're as happy as teenagers to see each other. "Attaining 75 years is an accomplishment, is an achievement," says Paul Tuliano, a member of the class, and one of the organizers of the reunion.

St. Bernard's reunion
Members of the St. Bernard's Catholic High School class of 1943 celebrate 75th reunion (WBZ-TV)

Eleanor Haverty was there. She still lives in Fitchburg. Alice MacGregor arrived. She worked at Ft. Devens after graduation. Sister Theresa Rose drove from Worcester to see her friends. Therese Gauvin traveled farther, from Florida. And Margaret Dolan ran late, but made sure she got there in time to see her classmates.

When they graduated from St. Bernard's in 1943, the country was at war. "Two weeks later I was in uniform on my way to Florida for basic training," Paul remembers.

After the war, they would work, marry, have children and some family members would go to St. Bernard's. Eleanor Haverty's granddaughter is a junior. "It's so great to have her here. My dad went here and my uncles. So just to be able to share this experience with her, it's awesome," says Erin Haverty.

One hundred fifty nine young people graduated in the class of '43. Eleven of them are still alive.

"I think it's kind of amazing. I never heard of any other of my friends that have had an opportunity to do this," says Therese Gauvin.

"Very enjoyable to be able to come out and socialize with them and reminisce," says Eleanor Haverty.

"It's a great school. I have a lot of good memories of this school," adds Sr. Theresa Rose.

The class of '43 also did their part for the church. There was one priest, one brother and three nuns.

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