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Video Shows EMTs Wrangling Squirrel With Cup Stuck On Its Head

ENFIELD, Conn. (CBS) – Coming to the aid of a squirrel is probably not in an EMT's job description.

But that's exactly what emergency responders in Connecticut did on Friday.

Our Wildlife Response Team in action

Posted by Enfield EMS on Friday, August 12, 2016

A video posted to the Enfield EMS Facebook page shows a crew doing its best to help a squirrel that has what appears to be a plastic yogurt cup stuck on its head.

"Do squirrels bite?" one first responder wonders as they hatch a plan to free it.

The bewildered squirrel evades the grasp of EMTs at first, hopping about wildly.

Finally, while one rescuer traps the squirrel using a sheet, another pulls the cup off its head, and the unencumbered squirrel dashes off into the woods.

The video had been viewed more than 150,000 times, as of Monday afternoon.

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