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Coronavirus Outbreak At Baystate Medical Center Traced To Employee, Lax Breakroom Behavior

SPRINGFIELD (CBS) - A coronavirus outbreak at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield has infected several employees and patients.

The outbreak was traced to an employee who had visited at COVID-19 hotspot. Also, coronavirus precautions were relaxed in the break room, with employees taking off masks and not social distancing. Twenty-three employees and 13 patients have been infected so far.

Gov. Charlie Baker said the outbreak was due to people letting their guards down and getting careless.

"There's recent information about an employee at Baystate Health Care who went to a hotspot state, came back and was lax with respect to wearing a mask. And there are now a number of people who work at Baystate, and then a couple of patients there as well, who tested positive," Baker told reporters Monday.

The medical center takes employees' temperatures and screens them coronavirus symptoms daily before they begin work.

"We are deeply disappointed that this outbreak occurred and we are committed to an ongoing review of our safety practices," said Dr. Mark Keroack, president and CEO of Baystate Health. "We remain committed to high-quality safe care and environments, and to transparency with all in our community who count on us each and every day."

All patients and staff members who were in that building between July 15 and 23 are now being tested. Baystate said that is when the employee returned to work.

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