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Spray Cake: Microwavable Cake Batter Invented By Harvard Students

BOSTON (CBS) – Two Harvard students have come up with a new way to bake a cake that apparently had never been done, until now.

It's called Spray Cake and it will turn quick-baking on its head.

It started as a class project for John McCallum and Brooke Nowakowski.

"Honestly, we were kind of shocked that it hadn't been done before. In the process of getting the patent made we were basically looking everywhere we could, high and low, for anyone who had done something like this in the past, but we couldn't find it," Nowakowski told WBZ-TV.

It seems they are the first people to ever come up with cake batter in a spray can.

SprayCake (WBZ-TV)

"Spray Cake is essentially cake batter in a whipped cream-style can," she said.

"(When) you spray it, it comes out pre-risen, so it bakes in less time. It's microwavable. It makes more consistently than traditional cake batter," McCallum told WBZ.

You spray and cook for one minute and it's ready to eat.

The friends say it's organic and has less chemicals than traditional box cakes.

The class project eventually won top prize at the Harvard Innovation Challenge. It also won the AdClub's Branding Challenge for Nail Communications.

They hope the next stop will be on store shelves.

The two have already found a seller, now they are looking for a local manufacturer.

McCallum and Nowakowski plan on staying in school even if the product takes off.

Watch the Nail Communications SprayCake Ad:


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