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'Spotlight' Stars Walk Red Carpet At Brookline Premiere

BROOKLINE (CBS) - It's the heart-wrenching story forever linked to Boston. The church sex abuse scandal and subsequent cover-up exposed by the Boston Globe Spotlight investigative team in 2002 is now the subject the new movie "Spotlight" showing just how those Boston reporters broke the story.

Matt Carroll is one of the Spotlight reporters he says, "It's been tremendously exciting and surreal, mind bending."

Marty Baron is the former Globe editor whose idea it was to investigate the Church says, "I never thought I'd be played in a movie its inconceivable to me."

Wednesday at the Boston premiere for the film those Globe reporters walked the red carpet alongside the Hollywood stars.

Mark Ruffalo played spotlight reporter Michael Rezendes.

"I'm just so fortunate, there is no other actor I would rather play me," Rezendes told WBZ-TV.

But these actors admit, there was real pressure to get it right, especially on this topic and in Boston.

Mark Ruffalo says, "When you are playing real people and telling story of victims of priest rape and cover up you have to get it right."

Getting it right and moving the story forward. They at least hope the spotlight of Hollywood can now help to keep people talking and healing.

Ben Bradlee Jr. says, "We hope the movie gives victims the courage to come out and tell their story."

The film company will hold a free screening for victims on Thursday, before the film opens November 6.

A spokesman for the Archdiocese of Boston issued this statement about the film:

I have not seen the movie yet and therefore I am not in a position to comment on it. With that in mind, we acknowledge the terrible crimes committed by clergy against children and the failure of many leaders within the church to deal appropriately with these crimes. That said, the Church is committed to the protection of children while at the same time providing support to survivors and all people who have suffered as a result of clergy sexual abuse. The Archdiocese of Boston has taken aggressive steps to ensure proper reporting, training, and screening for priests, staff and volunteers. In an effort to heal and rebuild trust, the Church knows it will be judged by it actions- not just its words - and the implementation of vigorous polices that serve the entire community. The abuse of a child is a tragedy. No words can take away the impact or pain. The efforts of the Archdiocese of Boston continue to focus on ministering to those who have been harmed and in insuring that these crimes never occur again.

For more information on the Archdiocese's commitment to pastoral support, healing, protection and prevention, we encourage all to visit our website at

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Lana Jones reports

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