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Spooky World Haunts Fenway Park

BOSTON (CBS) - If you believe in omens, it's easy to feel like all this just has to be a bad one. Spooky World, the haunted Halloween hot spot, has moved into Fenway Park.

For some, it is a fitting end to a truly frightening season.

But the Sox saw this coming. Park management actually reached out to Spooky World organizers back in June with the offer to host the local attraction.

WBZ-TV's Jim Armstrong reports

The result is an unrecognizable Fenway, and a scary tour that actually dumps you out onto the field itself. It's the only time you'll realize you're in the historic ballpark, which is just as organizers want it.

"You're not going to see too many things that are baseball-related here," explained Spooky World's director Michael Krausert. "We wanted to take you out of the park, inside the park. When you're walking through, you're actually going to forget that you're in Fenway."

For some fans, it's probably better that way. This was a season that, in many ways, is worth forgetting.

As a matter of fact, Spooky World was supposed to open at Fenway on October 28. But after the Sox' spectacular September spiral, there was no need to delay the haunted attraction because of playoff games. So, it opened early.

For some, the first-time hosting of Spooky World might have an upside, if you look at it as a complete exorcism of 2011 - and a clean slate for 2012.

According to Spooky World's co-owner Mike Accomando: "They're a great team and they're going to win it next year, so it won't matter."

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