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Passenger Says Boston-Bound Southwest Jet 'Rapidly Dropped' For 5 Seconds

BOSTON (CBS) - Maya Shaked is happy to be home on solid ground after a terrifying Southwest flight flew into some extreme turbulence and rapidly dropped.

"I was terrified and everyone was freaking out," Shaked said.

She was returning home to Boston from Chicago's Midway Airport on Flight 2386 and was seated in the front row. After the unexpected, frightful drop, she heard several flight attendants ask if there were any doctors on board to assist their co-workers who got hurt.

Maya Shaked
Maya Shaked (WBZ-TV)

"They were crying with an ice pack. The other had a concussion and one was pregnant and they didn't know what would happen to her. The plane rapidly dropped for about five seconds a bunch of passengers flew up and stuff went everywhere," Shaked said.

The plane made an emergency landing at Buffalo Airport to help care for the two injured flight attendants. Passengers switched planes and a new flight crew was brought in.

Shaked says she was nervous and anxious. No other passengers were injured but felt there should've been more communication from the pilot.

"There was not much communication form the pilot and that was upsetting. I just wanted to get off the plane as much as possible," Shaked said.

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