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Man Uses Broom To Chase Away Coyotes Surrounding Wife, Dog

SOUTHBOROUGH (AP) — Police in a Massachusetts town are urging residents to be cautious after they say a resident had to chase away a pack of coyotes in his backyard with a broom.

Southborough police said on their Facebook page Monday that the man's wife and their dog, an 85-pound Rottweiler-German Shepherd mix, had been outside Sunday night when they were surrounded by four coyotes.

Police said the animals didn't appear to be concerned about the woman's large dog and only scattered after her husband ran out of the house and chased them away with a broom.

Coyotes are particularly active this time of the year, according to the department.

Breeding occurs in February, and in March, the animals look for areas to set up their dens so that their babies can be born in April, police said.

The department urged residents not to leave small children or pets outside, unattended. It said coyotes are most active shortly after sunrise and just before sunset.

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