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Alleged package thief caught on camera several times in South Boston

Package thief caught on camera several times in South Boston
Alleged package thief caught on camera several times in South Boston 02:22

SOUTH BOSTON - A South Boston resident is warning his neighbors to watch out for what appears to be a pretty brazen package thief.

"I saw the same person come by with a bunch of bags filled with other packages that he presumably had taken from other people in South Boston," said Brian Moseley.

Moseley said his doorbell camera caught the alleged thief trying to steal an Amazon delivery off his doorstep on Father's Day. He was scared off when a neighbor noticed and yelled at him.

"He was going through the bags and things," said Jack Kennedy. "I yelled at him, what do you think you're doing? Said some stuff. But he kept doing it and he said, try to take it from me. I kind of hustled a bit after him. And he picked up his pace and I kind of chased him."

The alleged thief, who didn't even try hiding his face, was seen going door to door, carrying several shopping bags. Kennedy said this is the second time in 10 days he's seen him do this.

"Very brazen, very much out in the open," said Moseley. "People outside doing this, that's no deterrent. It's not the thieves of ten years ago where they had to come by at night."

Neighbors in the area said they're frustrated.

"It's extremely frustrating to the point where my boyfriend and I both go into the office pretty frequently," said Brooklynn Teague. "And if we know we have things coming, we'll stay home because we can't trust it and we kind of stalk the door."

The alleged thief was also seen on camera tearing open a meal delivery package on Moseley's doorstep but leaving without taking anything. He's since shared the video on Facebook to make his neighbors aware.

"The thing we're going to do to solve this, I don't think it's going to be the police," said Moseley. "I think it's going to be other neighbors in the community."

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