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Somerville businesses, parked cars damaged by stray bullets from passing vehicles

Somerville neighborhood on edge after shooting
Somerville neighborhood on edge after shooting 02:50

SOMERVILLE – Somerville police are searching for those responsible for a shootout between two cars in the Winter Hill neighborhood Tuesday night that left cars and storefronts damaged by the gunfire. 

The sharp crackle of gunfire outside their windows sent some Somerville residents ducking for cover. 

"I ducked and my husband got up to look to see what it was and I told him to get down," resident Beth Macrae said. 

Police say the cars first raced up Temple Street where at least 16 shell casings were found. The cars then turned onto Broadway. 

Bullets hit Winter Hill Bakery where owner Fernando Fernandes says at least one shot across his store, blocked only by the plastic shield over the counter. 

"It just went through and back there it hit the case. We are safe at least nobody got hurt. I'm a little shaken up," said Fernandes. 

Fortunately, the bakery was closed at the time along with Mabell's hair salon next door which was also hit, cracking the window. 

"I'm just not feeling safe, it's making me not at ease," owner Mabell Alvarez said. "I've been in this city for years and never experienced anything like this." 

The gunfire didn't stop on Broadway as the cars turned onto Main Street, still shooting as they passed several homes.

Somerville Mayor Katjana Ballantyne visited several store owners trying to offer reassurance. 

"It's totally unacceptable, the safety of our small businesses and residents is of the utmost importance," she told WBZ-TV. 

She said her office will explore providing financial assistance for the damage. In the meantime, police hope surveillance video capturing the mayhem will help them find who is responsible.

Residents call it a miracle no one was injured. 

"This is a really busy area, there were people walking down the street, we're really lucky," said Beth Macrae.   

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