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Somerville 'Pity Party' Aims To 'Turn That Grin Upside Down'

SOMERVILLE (CBS) -- If you're feeling down on Thursday, Somerville is the place for you.

The city is hosting a "Pity Party," and turnout may be in the thousands.

The idea comes from local artist Greg Cook, who said people who are sad should be together in one place and not alone.

"A pity party is usually a kind of party you have by yourself to wallow in sadness—wear pajamas, binge on ice cream, listen to sad songs," states the event's Facebook description. "Now imagine that as a free, community, block party in Union Square. . . sad for the whole family."

The gathering is being supported by the Somerville Arts Council, and the local health department will provide resources about depression.

Organizers say to expect "sad bands, depressing clowns, melancholy poetry, and video games that you just can't win." But there will be some fun – namely in the form of free ice cream.

More than 4,600 have RSVP'd to the event on Facebook, which is from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Union Square.

"So turn that grin upside down and help us make Somerville the saddest town around," organizers say.

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