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Next Solar Eclipse Puts New England In Path Of Totality

BOSTON (CBS) -- Solar eclipse mania has gripped the nation! If today's solar show wasn't enough for you, I've got great news! You won't have to wait very long for your next chance to see this rare astronomical phenomenon…and even better news, the center of totality will actually pass through parts of New England next time!


The Date:
April 8, 2024
2,422 days from today.

In Boston:
Partial eclipse begins at 2:16 p.m.
Max eclipse at 3:29 p.m. (92.61% covered)
Partial ends at 4:39 p.m.

The Path of Totality:
In 2024, the path of total solar eclipse in the United States will begin in Southern Texas, passing through Dallas, heading northeast.

Cities in the path include; Little Rock, Arkansas; Indianapolis, Indiana; Cleveland, Ohio; Buffalo, New York and Burlington, Vermont.


In New England:
While Boston will only get a near total solar eclipse at 92%, portions of Northern New England will be 100% eclipsed.
So book your hotel now to see a total solar eclipse in any of the following spots:
Vermont: Burlington, Montpelier, Saint Johnsbury and Newport
New Hampshire: Lancaster, Dixville Notch and Pittsburg
Maine: Rangeley, Presque Isle and Caribou

And, many of us will get one more chance after 2024! On August 12, 2045 the United States will once again be bisected by the path of totality from a solar eclipse! This path will extend from Northern California to Florida (not in New England). The total eclipse of the sun during the 2045 will actually last more than twice as long as today's event, more than six minutes!

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