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Almost 26 Inches Of Snow Slams Billerica, But Some Say It Could Be Worse

BILLERICA (CBS) -- Many in Billerica were up bright and early on Wednesday to begin battling the thick layer of snow on their driveways.

"Oh, you wake up at five in the morning and it takes three hours. My snow blower ran out of gas twice. You just keep chugging away," Dominic Ciulla said.

"There's a lot of snow," Dan Micalizzi said.

Just under 26 inches to be exact.

Catherine Barbas was shocked to see so much snow but got straight to work shoveling.

Catherine Barbas of Billerica shoveling (WBZ-TV)

"I'm thrilled. It's so beautiful here. We're happy to have the beauty and the snow," Barbas said.

Despite the several large snow piles around town, others echoed Barbas' positive attitude.

"It's good, I love the snow. It's beautiful. Look at it!" Micalizzi explained.

Especially when comparing this storm to last week's nor'easter, it did not seem so bad. A day after the March 7 storm, the majority of Billerica was without power.

"Giant trees, 50 to 100-year-old trees were collapsed. And to get the power going back in that is something else," Ciulla said.

According to Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), Billerica had no outages on Wednesday.

"We're glad we had the power and we're glad we got going," said Ciulla. He also thanked the plow drivers who worked hard to keep the roads clear and safe.

Dan Micalizzi of Billerica uses a snowblower (WBZ-TV)

Despite the admiration for the snow, there was a longing for warmer weather.

"This will all be gone in a week, won't it? Maybe a day? Maybe it'll be done by end of the day!" Micalizzi said.

Ciulla added, "We really want spring."


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