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Snow Plow Driver Brags About Burying Cars In YouTube Video

LOWELL (CBS) – A local plow driver seems to enjoy completely boxing in other cars during snowstorms.

Update Joy Of Burying Cars In Snow Video Gets Lowell Plow Driver Fired

He's so proud of it he's posted a foul-mouthed video of himself in action on YouTube.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Carl Stevens reports


The driver, who's identified himself as blackdoggxxx, shot the video through his windshield while he was driving his plow up in the Lowell area during the blizzard earlier this month.

"At the end of the storm, I was already up for about 22 hours plowing and I decided to make a video of my favorite part of the day, which is when you push the snow banks back to the curbs," he told the Karlson & McKenzie show on WZLX Friday morning.

"(It's) also the part of the day that the people shoveling their driveways absolutely want to kill me."

In the clip, when he's not plowing in freshly shoveled driveways, dogg takes pleasure in burying cars parked on the side of the street.

"Watch this one," he says in the video, "now you see it , oh! That's snow going up over it... over the roof of the car!"

He continues to narrate the video as he drives.

"Ha haaaaa! You want to find your car? You come see me, I'll let you know where it is. Maybe. Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Dogg defended himself, telling Karlson & McKenzie he's just doing his job by widening the streets.

"I have to push the snow back from curb to curb, so two fire trucks or a fire truck and an ambulance can pass each other on the road."

"If I can get some kind of enjoyment out of it, why not?" dogg told WZLX. "I really don't care if I make more enemies."

He isn't worried about his employer or the city of Lowell, either.

"My boss loves me! I've been a truck driver for 30 years," he said. "I'm doing my job. I'm not doing anything malicious."

There has been no comment yet from the city of Lowell.

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