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Keller @ Large: Why Do Drivers Keep Doing This?

BOSTON (CBS) - Call me naïve, but when I headed out to run my errands Sunday at about 11 a.m., I was sure I would have a hard time spotting people who hadn't bothered to clear the six inches or so of snow we got where I live off their car windows and roofs.

After all, the storm had ended more than 12 hours earlier.

And this snow was as light and fluffy as it gets – you could turn up the volume on WBZ on your car radio and it would blow most of it off.

For those new to winter driving, let me recap why this matters.

If you do not take the few minutes necessary to fully clear the snow off your car, you leave yourself with impaired visibility and raise the prospect of the snow and ice hurtling off your vehicle onto someone else's windshield, putting them at serious risk. If you've ever been on the road when a negligent idiot's load comes crashing down on you, you know this is no joke.

But during no more than 20 minutes on the road I would say at least one in three drivers I saw hadn't bothered to take this simple safety precaution.

Most appeared to have flipped on their wipers for a few seconds and left it at that. And one utter imbecile I saw was pulling off the dangerous driving daily double – cruising along with almost no front or rear visibility while blathering on his cellphone.

These weren't frail seniors; I slowed down to check out who was driving these motorized igloos.

And while most were in regular sedans where the snow can be easily reached, come on, SUV drivers – all you have to do is open the door, step up there and whisk the roof clean.

I know I'm a broken record on this insanity, but so are public safety experts and other sane drivers.

Is it really so hard to comprehend that you are not the only person on earth?

Listen to Jon's commentary:

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