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New Dating App Takes Looks Out Of Equation To Find Deeper Connections

BOSTON (CBS) -- A new dating app is looking to take physical appearance out of the equation. The idea behind S'More is that when you are not basing your attraction to someone on appearance, you're able to make deeper connections.

App founder Adam Cohen-Aslatei said S'More is "100 percent different from anything you've ever seen before."

The app recommends five profiles for you a day. A few personality traits and a voice recording are available. Through conversation, more about the person is unlocked.

"Our app is about getting to know someone before deciding if you like them and even before you see them. You have to interact with a person on the app and then their photos unblur and their private and visual content begins to unblock," said Cohen-Aslatei.

Other visual content includes videos of yourself and social media connections.

According to Cohen-Aslatei, "the biggest pain point of dating is people don't talk. How could you ever be in a relationship with someone without conversations, so we're trying to start up the conversation."

Cohen-Aslatei, who has worked for different dating app companies for over a decade, launched S'More in Boston a few weeks ago.

He was inspired by a conversation with a woman who said she left she had to alter her physical appearance to get noticed on other dating apps.

"I had this soul-searching moment where I said to myself. Did I just spend 12 years of my life in an industry that was not actually matching people for compatibility and for relationships? I went to my hotel room, within two days, I had created the entire concept for S'More."

Cohen-Aslatei also said his app is safer than most. Everyone on the app must be verified, you can't send photos in the chat section, and everyone's behavior is publicly rated.


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