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'The Nerve Of This Guy!': Slow Turtle Hogs Road In Hilarious Video

MARION COUNTY, Fla. (CBS Local) - A Florida turtle had a hilarious run-in with the law when the animal refused to "pull over" to let traffic pass.

Deputy Bryan Bowman from the Marion County Sheriff's Office was on patrol on July 15 when he saw "this dude" walking in the middle of the road. Seeing "multiple traffic infractions occurring," Bowman decided to try to move the large turtle off the road.

However, the slow-moving tortoise wasn't cooperating with Bowman and the deputy decided to post his "outrage" on Facebook.

The deputy's video has already been viewed over 80,000 times. Bowman says the stubborn road hog kept going for 20 minutes before finally heading into the woods.


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