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Massachusetts company's revolutionary equipment cuts MRI time to 10 minutes

Massachusetts-based company aims to make MRIs more comfortable
Massachusetts-based company aims to make MRIs more comfortable 02:43

BOSTON – A globally renowned business that is based in Massachusetts is hoping to make MRIs more comfortable for its patients.

Shields Health has been based in Brockton since 1986.

"We have a quote that my parents had, 'Treat every patient like you would want your mother to be treated' and we stuck to that motto," owner Tom Shields said. "I think we always believed in offering the best technology with the best leadership, the best people because we are here to serve the community and do the best for them."

Known for their MRIs, Shields is ready to change the game as it features GE HealthCare's Signa Hero equipment.

The Signa Hero cuts down the MRI experience to just 10 minutes. So far, there is only one machine in the northeast.

"Patients come in and they are so scared," said Nicole Gardner, clinical imaging manager at Shields Health. "When we tell them that it's going to take 10 minutes, they are like, '10 minutes? I can do anything for 10 minutes.'"

The space inside is also wider, and there's more comfort. The company says the technology is revolutionary.

"I have never in the 10 years seen the technology that we have and then the amount of image quality that we can produce. It gets get such better imaging for patients in less time and gets better results for the referring community," Gardner said.

Patient Bobby Phinney underwent an MRI in the Signa Hero, and raved about the experience.

"It was quick, spacious. In and out in seven minutes. The music had me relaxed. I dozed off for a quick second. Woke up and it was done," he said.

Shields already has plans to add more of the equipment to their other facilities.

"We've got another 6 pieces of equipment that we have committed to. It's a collaboration with GE that we have been working on for 4 years. It just works for both organizations," said Peter Ferrari, president of Shields Health.

Shields said the company aims to continue revolutionizing the MRI experience.

"MRIs continue to evolve and get better each and every year and it's great for the patient and great for the community," he said.

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