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Police Search For 2 Men After Crash, Attempted Armed Carjacking In Sherborn

SHERBORN (CBS) – State and local police are warning the public to be on the lookout for two armed men who ran off from a crash in Sherborn Wednesday morning.

Massachusetts State Police spokesman Dave Procopio said it all started around 4 a.m. when Hopkinton Police were chasing three men in a stolen car. That car crashed in Hopkinton and the men ran off.

A short time later, around 5:53 a.m., an Alfa Romeo sedan crashed into a utility pole on North Main Street near Butler Street in Sherborn.

Sherborn Police Chief Thomas Galvin told WBZ-TV two men jumped out of the wrecked car with a handgun and tried to carjack a driver who had stopped at the crash scene. The driver took off and the men ran off, Galvin said.

The Alfa Romeo was stolen in Sudbury earlier this week, the chief told WBZ.

sherborn crash
Police shut down North Main Street in Sherborn after the crash Wednesday morning. (WBZ-TV)

According to State Police, the incidents are connected. There's been no comment from Hopkinton Police.

Sherborn Police sent an emergency alert to residents around 7 a.m. asking them to contact authorities immediately if they saw the men. Officers shut down North Main Street and launched their search with several other police departments near the Pine Hill elementary school and the Natick town line.

Parents of the elementary students received a call that classes there were canceled for the day.  Natick Police had students and staff "shelter in place" temporarily at Natick High School and Memorial Elementary school as a precaution until the search in Sherborn was suspended shortly before 10 a.m.

Sherborn Police Chief Thomas Galvin says a State Police K-9 training session happened to be going on in nearby Framingham. "So they were able to do a really incredibly extensive search with the dogs that led us to believe that there's nobody in the area anymore." That's when they called off the search.

"It just shows that it can happen anywhere at any time," said Chief Galvin.

He said the suspects tried to carjack another vehicle after the impact. "Fortunately they weren't able to get in and no one was hurt," said Chief Galvin.

He said the suspects stole items from cars they rummaged through before the incident on Stoney Brook Road, Farm Riad, and Forest Street. "Based on the evidence we found at the scene, we're pretty confident they are connected."

Neighbors were stunned to see officers with police dogs and long guns scouring yards.

"I've never seen anything like this before," said resident John Desalvo. "When my wife came out the door to ask what was going on they were just like, red alert, just go back inside and keep the door locked."

In their alert, Sherborn police described the men as Black, about six feet tall, with stocky or heavy-set builds. One was wearing a camouflage top and the other a red hooded sweatshirt.

sherborn crash
Police shut down North Main Street in Sherborn after the crash Wednesday morning. (Photo credit: Anna Meiler - WBZ-TV)

Police warned residents to lock their cars and don't leave them idling.

Anyone who sees the men is asked to call 911 immediately.

The Alfa Romeo was towed away just after 8 a.m.

No other information is available at this point in the investigation.

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