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Flock Of 'Viking' Sheep Known For Their Soft Wool Up For Adoption Through MSPCA

METHUEN (CBS) -- A flock of sheep known for their soft wool is up for adoption through the MSPCA. The 16 Icelandic or "Viking" sheep - plus two Shetland sheep - arrived at Nevins Farm in Methuen Wednesday.

The sheep are all 9 years old and have lived together on the same property their entire lives. The MSPCA says their owner took good care of the sheep, but had to give them up to deal with her own health problems.

"Unlike so many animals surrendered to the MSPCA—who can arrive scared, hungry or ill—these sheep are in wonderful condition," the MSPCA said. "Their previous owner tended to the flock well and used the animals' fleece as part of a small yarn business."

mspca sheep 2
Two of the sheep up for adoption (Photo credit: MSPCA-Angell)

Their wool keeps them warm from the cold "and makes for fine woolen products." The previous owner also donated 20 bales of hay to the farm that will feed the flock for 20 days.

Prospective first-time sheep owners can be considered for the adoption as long as they have adequate fenced-in space along with a covered outdoor shelter. Interested adopters can apply online at

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