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Shaughnessy: Carroll Lucky To Be Seattle Coach, 'Wouldn't Be Able To Leave House' In Boston

BOSTON (CBS) - Just as people had a hard time moving past the Patriots and DeflateGate, people (especially Seahawks fans) are having equally as much trouble moving past Pete Carroll's decision to throw the ball on the half yard line -- rather than hand it off to Marshawn Lynch -- with under a minute to play in Super Bowl XLIX.

We know what happens next. Cornerback Malcolm Butler picks off Russell Wilson and the Patriots seal their fourth Super Bowl trophy in the most dramatic of fashions.

Pete Carroll continues to defend his decision, including an appearance on The Today Show, and this was a topic of discussion for 98.5 The Sports Hub's Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak, as well as Dan Shaughnessy of the Globe Thursday morning.

In the final minutes of the game Seahawks wide receiver Jermaine Kearse made an amazing circus catch, that when caught it was David Tyree all over again, and what was thought to be a dagger for New England. Once Carroll called for Wilson to throw the ball instead of running it in with Lynch, he did something he did not do when he coached the Patriots from 1997-1999.

"Fifteen years after being fired from Robert Kraft, Pete Carroll finally delivered a championship to Foxboro," Shaughnessy snickered.

In an interview with Matt Lauer, Carroll revealed what life has been like since the end of the Super Bowl.

"Its been a whirlwind. I feel responsible for a lot of people," Carroll said.

When Lauer said people are viewing it as the worst decision in Super Bowl history, Carroll looked at it a little differently.

"It was the worst result of a call ever. The call would've been a great one if we caught it. It would've been just fine and nobody would have thought twice about it," Carroll said.

Carroll is in a lucky position to be the head coach of Seattle, according to Shaughnessy.

"If Pete Carroll were coaching the Patriots, Eagles, Giants, or Jets, he could never leave his house again. He's lucky he coaches where he coaches," said Shaughnessy.

From Zo's point,  it doesn't change his mindset or thoughts on Pete Carroll.

Scott Zolak wonders how the Seattle team will bounce back from such a devastating loss, and another aspect Zolak brings up is Russell Wilson not being mentioned enough.

"Russell Wilson is off the hook. He's part of the problem in the end," Zolak added.

Unfortunately for Carroll, his play call will seem to haunt him for the rest of his coaching career.

Listen below for the full discussion:

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