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Serial Robber Posing As HVAC Worker Hits Several Boston Businesses

BOSTON (CBS) - He claims he's checking heating systems, but there's a serial robber hitting several Boston businesses who's looking for something much more.

Boston Police say at least 20 businesses have been hit by the man posing as a maintenance worker to gain access to backrooms to steal wallets and other personal belongings.

"That's him walking in and introducing himself as maintenance," said Marianna Clark, owner of Waxing the City in Boston's North Station area, looking at surveillance video captured by her cameras. He got a couple hundred dollars in cash, gift cards and credit cards. At one point he even spotted the surveillance camera and turned it around.

Serial Robber
Alleged robber posing as HVAC worker has hit several Boston businesses (WBZ-TV)

"He knows employees probably have tip money and things like that he's going after. It's very violating," said Clark.

At the Supercuts on Huntington Avenue he told the same story. "He sounded real professional like he knows what he's doing. I'm so and so and I'm going to check your thermal," said employee Fiona Gordon.

Employees say he strikes at a busy time of day when they're usually distracted. At Supercuts he made off with $150 and an employee's video game.

Alleged robber posing as HVAC worker has hit several Boston businesses (WBZ-TV)

Just down the street at a tanning salon manager Kimberly Rodriguez said he claimed to be from the maintenance office but pocketed cash from a drawer when she briefly stepped away. She's been in touch with business owners from throughout the city who've been targeted as well. "The fact that he's still lurking really upsets me," said Rodriguez.

Police urge businesses to ask for identification before allowing any access to back rooms. Employees say it's a lesson learned. "Now it's like we can't do that anymore, we have no idea who could be walking in the back," said Gordon.

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